Sunday, August 2, 2009

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Here's the cover for House of Mystery #19..

12"x18" oil on birch.

When I started doing the painting I was going for a classic/saintly pose, even though she was being strangled. I guess it doesn't really read that way with the composition being upside down and no halo. It was fun painting either way.

And here is the pencil sketch on an 11"x14" sheet of paper.

Several sketch ideas reveal that somebody is really pissed and annoyed.



  1. Eyeballs in the wood floor, nice touch.

  2. I really don't mean to swear, but it has to be said that you're a fucking genius, Esao. The new cover is epic, simply epic! Keep 'em coming! xx

  3. I love your stuff Esao, your the reason i buy the house of mysteries now
    Can wait to buy your art

  4. amazing stuff, creativity like this really helps keep your mind fresh, keep it up, I'd love to buy sketches too! You're Brilliant!