Monday, August 17, 2009


My dog has been extra special this past week. Click on the photo to see a couple of cool shots Tom Prior took.

Also added this clip to my small Youtube account.

And my Thinkspace Show is still underway....



  1. I like the (painting?) that it looks like you are doing for the house you did for Circa Survive. I would imagine that they asked you to do the artwork for their next upcoming album...can't wait to see it!!! You have some serious talent. The artwork that you did for that house is the background for my laptop... love it!!!

  2. Is that the sequel to Separate Lives? Awesome - looks beautiful. Have it in LA for those of us lucky enough to go to ogle :)

  3. I love your dog, that video is too adorable. And that 2nd pic on your friend's blog where Soybean has this crazy stare is hilarious.

    I really want a French bulldog, seem like awesome companions.

  4. Awesome. Can't wait to see what work you put in the show!