Monday, August 10, 2009

-Thinkspace pt. 2

Here's the Juxtapoz ad coming up for my show in October. Tony Philippou, who also lives in New York will be showing in the Project Room of the gallery.

Pretty nervous on what the opening will be like since we are both out-of-towners.

Finally got that ding dang Flickr account I was talking about. <-- got my name too, Hooray!

Also did a book jacket design for a collection of villain stories, click HERE to check it out.


  1. so excited for october 9th! the stuff i've seen that you've posted on here for the show is great! your work now is so different from your OLD old work and i love it all. keep it up! : )

  2. Very nice. I'd love to see that show.
    And on a less important and completely irrelevant note, 'juxtapose' is my favorite word in the entire English language. And Juxtapoz is pretty great too. <3
    As always,

  3. Are you kidding? The place will be packed. LA loves art galleries, especially openings. Throw in any free, cheap booze and you'll be turning people away. Excited to see the new stuff...

  4. I am seriously left astounded and frustrated by those pictures you placed in there at the end.
    I constantly wonder how you achieve such beautiful detail,it makes me want to cry how marvelous and splendid it is.
    As for your colours,i swear,i am in awe of you.

  5. Got my Intrepid Seed print today, number 14 of 90. It looks fantastic. Great job, Esao. And don't worry, I'm sure the show will be great!

  6. his this is heartcircus from lj. you're art work is amazing, and i'm not just saying that for an easy compliment. i passed the link on to some of my friends who i think would really love and enjoy it, i hope you don't mind.