Monday, January 30, 2012

-Grumpy Study

Scrambling to find something to put up for Monday I pulled out this figure study from my SVA days and scanned it. oil on masonite, 11"x19" 1999?
I remember that this model kept nodding off to sleep and at some point some students were pretty irritated. One in particular yelled at him so the model just quietly said, "I feel sick." got up, threw on clothes and walked out.


  1. i don't know why but your description makes me focus on his eye--the epitome of his disdain. or maybe he really was sick.

  2. I had a model in school that insisted on wearing a gas mask because of the oil fumes. Not just a painter's mask but a full on, double canister gas mask.

    That and she kept on bending over mid-pose to rub lotion on her feet...

    That was a weird few studio sessions.

  3. steven assael or max gins burgs class? that is some beautiful painting.

  4. Thanks Farel. I think this is from one of those weekend painting groups that were a mix from the two classes. I never had Steve Assael as a teacher, just Ginsburg for only one year unfortunately.

  5. its from this personality I enjoy the most...this capture...and similar...the dark side has not crept in...yet...