Monday, January 9, 2012

-Los Angeles

I just got back to NYC from my wonderful vacation in Los Angeles. Thanks to everyone everywhere. I didn't take any photos while there and am bummed about that because a lot happened. Anyways here's some pics from the opening all taken by Sam Graham.(cept the last one) The whole album is on Thinkspace Gallery's FLICKR and also on their FACEBOOK PAGE. If you were there you can tag yourself. Instagram!

Here's me signing a 24"x24" print of "The Stray" which will be available through Thinkspace's website really soon with an edition of just 25. Its time to update that Selected Works section.

Friend Scott Copalman with a coon skin cap.

I don't know Krysten Ritter, but she was there.

These are the guys that made it happen. I thought there was a group photo of us with Allison Sommers too, but didn't see it. She has some super detailed gouache paintings in the project room.

See. The show goes through the to the 28th. You should check it out.

Venice Beach. Vitamin D. Clare Bare
Thats about all.

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