Monday, March 9, 2009

-Fell In Love 10 Times Today

The weather was absolutely incredible this weekend in NYC.
People were out in full bloom...

Ink sketch for one of the paintings I'm working on. Though I've been super busy this week, don't have anything to show just quite yet.

Here's Soybean high on static.



  1. you obviously have the best dog ever

  2. Gotta admit, that is one pretty great looking dog!


    reminded me of soybean.
    (its a dog of similar breed [i think!] with a knitted hat, for those i'm-too-scared-to-click-ers. pretty cute, i think.)

    Sometimes your art makes me feel sad. Not the bad kind, necessarily, if that makes sense. Sad or anxious. Which is good, I'd believe, because it means that your art is great enough to trigger some sort of response in someone/people.

    Ps, I look forward to Mondays a little bit more.

  4. Soybean it's some awsome dog! i love to see pics of him. Your covers for House of Misery are incredibly good as all your art. I haven't send you the pics of the prints you send me, after i framed them. Most do soon. I'm more than grateful. Still you biggest fan ^_^

  5. So, what did you fall in love with?

  6. soybean is my favorite animal.

  7. Thanks Everyone! Guess I should post more dog photos.

    Christine M. -Awesome cuteoverload photo. That is the same breed of dog.
    (Boston Terrier) I usually try to make images that ask for some kind of response, so thanks.

    Hi Karla, good that you are still drawing.

  8. eeeeeeeeeeeee soooo cute. can your dog and i have a play date?