Monday, March 30, 2009

-Just an update

This is pretty much the highest resolution i have of this painting from 2003 which sucks because I liked this painting.

"Madaline" 12"x16" oil on wood.

Here's the close up of the original drawing.

I did end up doing an updated version based on it.

"Ivan" 15"x20" 2006

And here is a small commission I did a while back.

Untitled "Mother with Child" from 2007. I think it was 6"x9".


  1. awesome! The second painting has always been one of my favorites of yours, cool to see the original idea

  2. Yea! I like the first painting alot. Do the two paintings reflect how you felt in these two different time periods?

  3. Never seen the first and 3rd paintings, those are amazing. Specially love the lighting and colors in the first one.

  4. The first painting is amazing. Nice to see a closeup of the "dog".