Monday, March 2, 2009

-Vertigo 11

Out of order, but this was for House of Mystery issue 11.

Oil on wood 12" x 18"..that little guy better watch out, there's stuff falling.

And here are the sketches scanned in with computer tones.

A close up.

The painting below is from 2005. My friend Autumn gave me a can of spar varnish(used for waterproofing ships and stuff) so I tested it out on this sort of abstracted image. I like the aged-yellow glaze it produced and it feels as if I should be placing drinks on it like a coaster.

This is basically what I look and feel like while getting out of bed some days.


  1. you seem to be doing pretty well with this resolution of posting every monday. i'm curious if last year's resolution of getting back in touch with people from your past/ keeping us with those in the present worked out..

  2. To (). Yeah, I've been trying to post by 1am every Monday. As for my last resolution, it wasn't as diligent.

  3. Mr. Esao the stuff that you are posting looks amazing. I can't get enough of it. Oh and on the post from last monday if you have seen the previews for connecticut haunting or whatever that movie the faces in some parts look like i think the red riding hood one. Really nice ass stuff though

  4. that latest painting is amazing.
    any chance we'll see it or anything else new up for sale soon?

  5. That's exactly how I woke up today.

  6. the painting from 2005 looks like the illustrations in 'the stinky cheese man.' i think lane smith did the illustrations for it. anyway, the book is by jon scieszka. i used to love it when i was a kid.

  7. Spar varnish! what an interesting idea, any plans of using it again?

    really like the close-up for the house of mystery painting, gives a sense of how beautifully painted that piece is.