Monday, March 23, 2009

-Sketchbook Filler

Sketchy drawing of the cash register at Hotel Delmano. A clipping from The Onion that accurately explains my mindset upon booking my trip to Portland.
A horribly drawn cup and the correct sequence to win the wooden peg jump game every time.

Sketch of the band Child Abuse at Union Pool last summer.

On the opposite end of the music spectrum, here's Leah and Drew Victor playing at the Annex.

A view outside of a Parson's art school window and view inside a doctor's office waiting room.

Based on the little icons in the upper corner, I must be talking about, tapioca bubble tea, my friend Janicza, and something to do with wedding rings and shrimp bbq's.


  1. I enjoy your sketch journal post the most. That,and pictures of that ol' dog.

  2. So I'm basically in love with your art. Mostly, though I was just wondering if you had ever listened to Radio Mystery Theater with Hiram Brown. It used to be on NPR on Sunday nights but I think they discontinued it...The stories just kind of remind me of your art.

  3. Doctor's office... very nice, very creepy, specially that plant. I bet you could do some wonderfully creepy doctor's office paintings... Hot sexy nurse turns out to be kind of devious and evil? It's a subject that's been treaded over quite a bit, in that pop pulp schlock sort of way, but done in your style would be excellent, I am sure. I like how you paint female figures...

  4. i like how the house has roots

  5. Love your art. Some heavy stuff. Do you use models? Your art is like glimpses into the dreams of others.